2 Series Two

Series Two

Through his travels across Asia Charlie began to learn the steep variance in cultures from country to country. Throughout his time in Japan he began to study ancient Japanese proverbs which encapsulate many thoughts in very few words.

Upon returning to London Charlie began collecting ancient book extracts, which were over 100 years old.

Each book extract was originally part of a guidebook, a form of encyclopaedia at the time. These books taught people the form of animals, how they looked and how houses were made in the United Kingdom throughout the previous centuries.

Toying with the idea of the clashing of cultures from different centuries he then began merging the ancient book extracts with the ancient Japanese proverbs and his own photographs taken in Japan.

Charlie thought deeply about each proverb and gave a narrative to each book extract by merging the image with the ancient proverb. The result is a majestic merging of cultures, which blend into one another seamlessly. In turn this creates a conversation about how despite the variance in time and place many of the ideas at that time are more poignant today than they have ever been.