Charlie Spot (b.1994) is an emerging British mixed media artist who specialises in the documentation of people, their environments and how it affects them.

The intention of his imagery is to create a discussion around circumstance, triggers and social constructs.

Throughout his work he enables his viewers to sit within the world of his subject, to feel their surroundings and be transported into a different environment. In doing so Charlie shares a perspective of his subject that the viewer may not necessarily have previously noticed, thereby creating a keyhole view of their day to day, their personality and who they are. Within this, Charlie focuses on the mental health of his subject, their happiness, humour, predicaments and personality.

In order to document his work Charlie travels to his locations, becoming familiar with the neighbourhood. As he walks the streets and engages with the local people he requests permission to photograph them, creating the first element of his work.

Once he has an array of images he edits them digitally and transfers them onto recycled materials, including discarded cupboards, mirrors and antique papers. The recycled materials provide a sense of familiarity to his viewers, with many of the objects being household staples. The images then standout as they are juxtaposed from the object which triggers the viewer to focus on the work and delve into the subject.

Charlie has displayed works in the UK, U.S. and in Europe.

2019 – Truman Brewery New Artist Show, London

2020 – ‘Recycled’, Shoreditch – Solo Show – London

2021 – Mitte Projects, Rubell Museum – Miami

2021 – Galeria Meraki – Alentejo, Portugal

2022 – “Passports Please”, Subtitle Labs – London

For enquiries please contact charlie@charliespot.com